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Berita Jurusan Biologi FMIPA


ICOLIB Jurusan Biologi FMIPA 2015


icolib-sticky2The explosive development of the sciences and its expansion into other disciplines such as the Life Sciences field is yielding groundbreaking discoveries from novel genes and bio-products to cutting-edge nanotechnology, resulting in a transformed science landscape with profound global applications in understanding life, eradicating diseases, securing a more equitable food and water supply distribution as well as creating novel bio-industries and products.

Based on these phenomena above, the ICOLIB 2015 with theme “Exploration and Conservation of Biodiversity”, will provide an interdisciplinary platform of life sciences for researchers, academics, students, professionals, industries, andpolicy makers. This meeting also proposed to among scientists and professionalsto stay at Continue reading


Kunjungan Dosen Biologi ke Jerman

bio_jermanBulan Pebruari 2015 kemarin 4 staf dosen Jurusan Biologi FMIPA melakukan kunjungan ke Universitas of Applied Sciences Flensburg Jerman. Dipimpin Ketua Jurusan Biologi FMIPA Dr. rer. nat Kartika Senjarini, M.Si. delegasi yang beranggotakan Purwatiningsih S.Si, M.Si., Ph.D. (Sekretaris Jurusan Biologi FMIPA), Sattya Arimurti S.P., M.Si., Dra. Rike Oktarianti, M.Si melakukan pembicaraan kerjasama antar 2 Perguruan Tinggi yang berkaitan dengan mikrobiologi.

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